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Discover how does wireless charging work.

Time:2018-11-22 Views:1187
Imagine to set your smartphone on your bedside table, on your desk, on a restaurant table or in your car and to charge it without the hassle of cables.It’s all possible thanks to wireless charging!Wireless charging, also know as inductive charging, is a technology that allows you to charge your device by simply put it on a wireless charging spot. 
How does it work?
Wireless charging, also known as inductive charging, allows you to charge any compatible device without the use of cables, by simply placing the device on the wireless charging spot. It works with electromagnetic fields that allow to transfer energy between two devices. A transmitter is connected to a power source, and through an induction coil generates an electromagnetic field. When a receiver is put within the range of the transmitter, it receives the energy that is transformed in electric current.Wireless charging has been used in the past years in consumer applications, charging several small electronic devices, like electric toothbrushes and electric razors. However in today’s connected world, smartphones are every day more important, they are becoming digital companions for business and 
leisure activities, so the most well known application of wireless charging is for smartphones.
s wireless charging safe?
Wireless Charging is actually very safe to use.The elettromagnetic fields generated have low power and are limited in space, and they only operate over short distances and only when a receiver is put in the range of a transmitter. The release of electromagnetic rays is further reduced by adding ferrite shieldings in the transmitting and receiving coils of the.The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) has found no evidence of dangerous effects on human health when exposed to inductive charging.Wireless Charging, in some ways, in even safer than traditional wired charging. It transmit energy with electric shocks protection, since there are no direct charging contacts with cables, power supply and sockets. Wireless charging technology can also be safely encased 
in thick plastic and still work, and is used in medical devices as in electric toothbrushes. The products remain sealed and waterproof.
Is my smartphone compatible?
For not natively compatible devices SAVORI developed a wide range of solutions, to enable Qi wireless charging for all kind of smartphones!You want to wirelessly charge your iPhone? SAVORI developed different solutions to enable Qi wireless charging for different models of iPhone: plastic or leather wireless charging cases are an essential accessory to charge quickly and wirelessly your iPhone, in the most stylish way.
What do I need for wireless charging?
To wirelessly charge your smartphone you just need two things: a wireless charger and a compatible smartphone.You don‘t know if your smartphone is compatible with wireless charging? If your smartphone is not compatible don‘t worry! SAVORI has everything you need to make your smartphone compatible with Qi wireless charging. Look at the picture and discover what you need for your smartphone.  You will find everything you need.