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Wireless charger is in the niche market

Time:2018-11-22 Views:1413
According to Google data , phone charger’s market is remarkable.
Wireless charger  has maintained a good upward trend since 2004,especially in recent years, the popularity of smart phones and related technology accelerated the development of mobile phone accessories’ industry, and the wireless charger as smartphone technology progress of related products, its demand is gradually increasing.
In September, 2017, 8 / iPhone iPhone X, unlike previous iPhone series mobile phone, the iPhone/iPhone X 8 support wireless charging for the first time. Is also in September 2017, Google trends show wireless charger keyword search heat rose sharply, until December to statistics the first obvious peak period. The rapid development of science and technology enhanced people’s  adaptability,wireless charger makes people like this kind of new type of high-tech products very much.
For wireless charger this kind of products, in addition to the problem such as product quality control, product cost price, more quality problems are often caused technology level of restrictions, such as slow speed of charging, charging the mobile phone is not convenient to use, etc. Indirect there are other ways to improve this kind of problem, such as a part of the wireless charger is inclined to put, can facilitate users when charging for use; Some wireless charger have the function that vehicle-mounted mobile scaffold, either wireless charging, and can be used to meet user needs , If products can be according to the need of the user to make appropriate changes, perhaps can effectively differentiate competition advantage, become a wireless charger industry hot style products.
By way of charging the mobile phone revolution ,Samsung and Iphone are likely to become the new trend in the future, there will inevitably produce a batch of new industries, not accord with the trend and will eventually be eliminated. With the future more and more mobile phones equipped with wireless charging function, wireless charger is a niche market. Traditional wired charger product life cycle is going to decline, and wireless charger is in its promising future market.